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What are the Risks of Plastic Surgery?


A staggering $7 billion was spent on cosmetic surgery in the United States alone. More and more people are looking to get under the knife to change things about themselves. But still, a large number of people refrain from turning to plastic surgery by insisting that there are significant risks to the whole practice. Although plastic surgery has greatly innovated and developed over the years; significant complications remain. In this article, we will look some of those risks that need to be considered before going under the knife.

  1. The two most requested plastic surgeries are breast augmentation and facelifts. Although liposuction is also favoured; these two remain a class above. Both these procedures leave the patients with the risk of developing hematoma; hematoma is a bruise that is a large pocket of blood. Most surgeries result in hematomas but the frequency of hematomas is higher in people going under the knife.
  2. Breast augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure that can lead to a lot of complications. One other major complication is nerve damage. Around 15% of women state that they have completely lost sensation in their nipples after breast augmentation. After the surgery, if you feel any sort of numbness or tingly feeling, go to your doctor as soon as possible to see what the issue is.
  3. Infection is one of the most common types of complication that is seen in plastic surgeries. Although post-operative care is given to people who go under the knife, a small but significant number of people still face the possibility of contracting an infection that can make things very complicated. Cellulitis infection is one of the most common types of infection that people tend to contract and requires immediate care. The infection can be internal or external and in some case would require IV antibiotics to combat the infection.

  4. Liposuction leads to some of the more serious complications to patients. The surgical probe used in liposuctions can at times come in contact with internal organs. If the probe does come in contact with an internal organ, it can lead to visceral perforations on the organ. The perforations need to be treated immediately, which then would require further surgery. The perforations are at times fatal as well. It is to be noted that scarring is seen to occur in 2%-6% of people who go under the knife, but treating visceral perforations to the organ can lead to even more scarring.

The famous quote that goes “Think before you leap”, should be changed to “Think before you go under the knife”.

Is Plastic Surgery Safe for all People?


The minute your doctor says that plastic surgery is for everyone, warning signals need to be raised. For the simple reason that not everyone in the world is an ideal candidate for plastic surgery; the reasons why plastic surgery is not suitable for everyone is as follows:

  1. You’re doing it for the wrong reasons.
  2. Your past medical history prevents you from undergoing surgery.

Let us first look at reason number 1; most people have the wrong idea that plastic surgery will drastically change their lives. If you’re someone who is looking at plastic surgery as a way to look better or give you that extra bit of confidence, then you would be an ideal candidate. But the big misconception is that people expect one surgery to completely transform their lives. When that result doesn’t appease the person, they tend to go under the knife more often to reach those expected results. But in the end either end up being addicted to plastic surgery or end up facing adverse psychological issues. If your doctor doesn’t ask you why you’re doing this surgery and then doesn’t advice you against doing it while you’re undergoing a massive issue such as losing a job or falling out of a relationship, you need to find a new doctor.

There have been well-documented cases of people falling prey to the addiction of plastic surgeries; after a point, they become extremely unrecognizable and are at a place where they believe that the next surgery will be the answer to all their problems. You as an individual have to understand that a minor change in appearance alone will not get you that dream job nor would it impact your outlook on the world.

The second reason is a lot more serious, considering that your previous medical history can easily cause complications during your surgery. Your doctor needs to look at all past medical records and understand the gravity of the situation. Most people who have had botched surgeries later reveal that they have had a medical condition that would have prevented them from going under the knife. Not only does the doctor have a responsibility, so do you. Therefore disclose all previous conditions that you may have, this would help the doctor to adjust and adapt accordingly. If on the off chance your doctor believes that the surgery would lead to serious complications then refrain from getting it done.

Plastic surgery has its benefits but also its downfalls. So if you’re going to take that step, make sure to be responsible.

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