Top 8 Tips for Finding a Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Having reconstructive surgery on your nose is a life-changing decision. It can transform your facial looks and the way you feel about yourself. This is why choosing the right rhinoplasty surgeon for the procedure is important. But how do you find the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Miami?

Tip # 1: Find Out Whether Your Cosmetic Surgeon is Board Certified

Often, we implicitly trust medical boards to ensure that surgeons are properly trained and qualified. However, this typically is not the case, as the federal government does not explicitly require surgeons to have any specific rhinoplasty training. Besides, doctors versed in general surgery complicate the situation when they advertise cosmetic surgery services hoping to increase their revenues. For this reason, it is advised that you should only consult board-certified surgeons. This is why the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery was created to exclusively address issues of training, education, and certification for rhinoplasty surgeons.

Tip # 2: Enquire About a Surgeon’s Experience

Typically, cosmetic surgeons utilize a variety of surgical skills for operating on different parts of the body. For instance, a mammoplasty differs from a rhinoplasty as the latter involves working with the nasal bone, breathing passages, and cartilaginous tissues whereas the former deals with soft tissues. Given that, surgeons can have sub-specializations within the cosmetic surgery field. You should opt for a surgeon who is board certified to practice rhinoplasty and has substantial experience.

Tip # 3: Ensure that the Procedure is Conducted in an Accredited Facility

According to regulations set by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, any procedure requiring the use of anesthesia should be conducted in an accredited facility. Why this requirement? Accredited facilities meet strict quality standards for personnel, equipment, and general client safety. For a facility to be accredited, it must obtain, retain, and maintain its accreditation status. Plus, these facilities are expected to comply with regulations set by federal regulatory agencies.

Tip # 4: Find More About a Surgeon’s Hospital Privileges

Finding more about a surgeons hospital privileges is a useful way of determining their qualifications. Hospitals typically conduct extensive background checks before granting any surgeon the privilege of practicing within their facilities. So, if your chosen surgeon has these privileges, it is a good indication of his competency and reputation in rhinoplasty.

Tip # 5: Ensure That the Surgeon is a Good Fit

Schedule a consultation to find out whether a surgeon is a good fit. During the consultation, pay attention to the surgeon’s demeanor, body language, and overall etiquette. A surgeon’s manner and personality will reveal to you how he will conduct the procedure as well as how he will handle the postoperative phase.

Tip # 6: Consider A Surgeon’s Aesthetic Appeal

It is a widely known fact that beauty is a subjective concept. Given this reason, don’t rely on a friend’s recommendation or a surgeon’s claims when selecting a surgeon. Carefully, evaluate the responses of all surgeons that you interview. Then again, you might be wondering how to do so? Below are a few points to keep in mind when evaluating the suitability of a surgeon.

    • Review before and after photos: browse through a surgeon’s past clients before and after photos to assess the consistency of results.
    • Consider taking a selfie with you for the consultation. This will help you reference how well the surgeon can meet your rhinoplasty needs.

Tip # 7: How Do the Surgeon and Staff Make You Feel?

A rhinoplasty means much to your self-esteem, ego, and reputation. However, it can be challenging accepting your new look. For this reason, you need to feel a 100% relaxed with the surgeon and his staff during the procedure. Only choose a surgeon whom you like and trust with your safety as well as one who can deliver the results you expect.

Tip # 8: Beware of Price Bargains

If offered a bargain that sounds too good to be true, often it is. However, cheap procedures often escalate surgery costs especially if revisions or complications arise. Though low stickers or Groupon deals may tempt or appeal to you, usually, there are concerns about the advertising.

Final Thoughts

Use the above tips to help you choose the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Miami capable of meeting your unique needs. Be aware that a good surgeon reputation, good rapport, and impressive credentials can’t guarantee superb results. However, they mark the beginning of a good relationship between your surgeon and you.